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updated 28 April 2012

Bill Weinman
SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training

SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training is designed to give you a good understanding of SQLite so you can use it with PHP to build powerful and compelling applications for yourself and for your clients.

SQLite 3 with PHP Essential Training covers the basic features of SQLite, its unique data model, its functions, its use of SQL, and walks you through some real PHP applications that use SQLite, so you can apply your knowledge to building your own projects with SQLite and PHP.

Topics include:

  • SQLite quick start
  • Opening and creating a database
  • SQLite 3 data types
  • Expressions, core and aggregate functions
  • Date and time functions
  • Transactions
  • Subselects and views
  • Trigers
  • PHP interfaces


Open-source software like XAMPP tends to get updated now and then, so if you want to follow along with the installation movie you should use the same version that I used in the movie. You may download that version here.

Other help

If you need other help with this course the help request form on is designed to help you by collecting the necessary information as you submit your request. I am not able to support courses directly. If your request requires my assistance, the support staff will contact me.

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